Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#51 Start a garden

I can't believe I forgot to put this in my list of things to do this summer!!

Start a Garden!!

Well, probably because I already have a garden, I should say: Maintain and Widen my Garden. :)

As spring is in full swing here in the South I have a couple of pictures!!

So I was pruning and this little beauty was a result of
that. I cut the long leaves off and so I got this wonderful swirly pattern.
This plant is the same kind as the photo below, this one
is just pre-floofed. That's a technical term.

My beautiful Don Juan roses!!! This is my third boom of the season,
but my first two were given to Mom. :)
They are a beautiful bush/vine combination with an
incredibly aromatic scent. I just love them!

And my second pride and joy!! This little guy is the beginning
of my garden this year and I already have a teeny tiny tomato!!!


There will be more to come soon as we get more money. I have this wonderful plan for my backyard...that I can't complete until we put our very expensive fence up. So I must make do but I still have a wonderful idea for a temporary vegetable garden.


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  1. *gasp* funness!!! Im so glad you are all excited about yours too! Its fun to hear your ideas and plans since we have such different limitations. I wish I could grow yummy veggies like tomatoes! I have a hanging vine container thing for strawberries, but I don't believe I get anough sunlight for them to be happy so alas.

    The roses are beeeautiful!


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