Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Me!

Yesterday I RAN one mile! The whole thing! No walking! I did take a five second break at the 1/4 mark, leg was just about to crap up.

Lately I've been running a lot, not for long distances, just around work, around the house etc.

So I decided to get on our treadmill and see if I could run 1 mile. I put on the Fool's Gold soundtrack (the first song is fantastic for running!) since it reminds me of the movie (which is AWESOME! Kate, Matthew, comedy, history, romance and the flippin' beach! It can't get any better!)

I was done in 13 minutes. My all time best...uh...time. :)

I was very excited.

I immediately ate my pizza for lunch, came to work....and ate a slice of cake lol. So much for calorie burn, but it really made me feel strong! I've always WANTED to enjoy running and I'm finding that running is like yoga. The more you do yoga, and the better you get at it, the more you love it! Now that I know I can run 1 mile, I'm interested in running farther!

Today is my strength workout day (Yay Bikini Body!) but tomorrow I'm going to see if I can run 1.5 miles, not timed, just to see if I can do it. The Bikini Body Workout that I'm doing focuses on interval cardio, so I will have to fit the 1.5 miles into that. Should be fun!

On a different-yet-same note, I've been watching the Battlestar Galactica series. Holy cow, it's awesome!

There's this woman. Well, she's a cylon, but she is downright sexy.

She is stunning.

She is sexy. And she has little muscle definition.

After seeing how incredibly sensual and seductive this woman is, I have started re-evaluating what I think I want to look like.

I've always wanted clear muscle definition (see ab photo above) but now I'm thinking that maybe, I don't really need that to be sexy. I need muscle definition to look fit and active which is what I want to BE, but maybe not how I want to look.

I also want to BE sexy, but I also want to LOOK sexy. I want to look approachable, yet sexy, without having to be half naked. :) walking a tight line, I know.

Today, I'm wearing my hair down.

It's a start.



  1. I love how like a week ago, you were all "ill never lose weight.." lol. Im glad that was a momentary thought!! Yay for exercises!!! I think it is most important because it gives you the energy and endorphines you need to feel happy and healthy.

    That has been what I have really wanted for the past 2 years. Just to be physically fit and healthy... to be able to rock climb or doing fun activities with all the energy I need and have fun. I think that is the ultimate in healthy.

    Yay for readjusting your view on sex!!! You should always remember that you should feel like you should be having sex as often as Barry (its normal and exceptable to not be in the mood as often as a man). I think trying to come up with ways though for you to sometimes be in the mood is very important. You should enjoy sex!! I still think reading romance novels or something if it gets you in the mood is great, and getting all dolled up occassionally is also great.

    I wish I had a guy to make random romantic evenings with to talk with you about it hehe. Have a great dinner all set up, rented a romantic comedy or something, and just enjoy ebing with my sexy manly man.

    Now, does Barry just not turn you on? Shouldnt your guy be able to turn you on? Did the thought of him use to turn you on? I can turn myself on thinking about certain guys lol... and then I am rearin to go!

    Thats part of how I decide if im attracted to someone, if they "do it" for me, you know?

  2. lol yeah, I still think I'm not going to lose any weight, I'm just going to get a little more toned...but not as toned as I used to think.

    With the sex thing, I don't know. Barry doesn't get me raring to go, but neither does anybody else. Guy or girl :)

    The thing with Barry is that I'm angry at him alot. Not specifically at him, but just at our situation which he is a part of. We don't have any money. We don't go anywhere. We don't do anything. And sometimes I throw a fit and I think "Barry, it's all your fault. You're supposed to take care of me. You're supposed to make enough money so that I don't have to work as hard as I do."

    It took me a long time to realize that I was saying such things (in my head) and what they really meant. I realized that I wasn't just upset about not having money, I was ALSO upset about how I'm working at a job I hate AND I'm doing HeritageKnitting. So in addition to working 9am-6pm... I have to come home and clean and then I have to work 10pm till around 1am.

    But something has clicked lately, I'm not saying things like that anymore. Something has changed and I'm not sure what it is lol. The biggest thing that I've done, is that if I get even just a tingle "down-there" I freaking attack Barry lol. For so long I just ignored such things because I was angry. Now I'm listening and reaching out. It's really interesting

    It's also been cold. I hate the cold. It hurts me. Chronic pain tends to put me in a foul mood lol. But that's getting better too.

    We did this thing last night! It was fantastic! I'm going to have to call you about it lol.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  3. Aw no you are awesome! I just love being friends with you hehe.

    It just sounds like there is a ton about your life that you are not happy about. :( Does he know the extend of how you feel about his financial irresponsibility? I wish there was some way you could work a part time job instead. Have you talked about that possibility?

    I really want to come up with solutions for this. I know you love the heritage knitting which is great. Thats one thing good you have in your life. Then you have the civic club which sounds important to you... I know you want to volunteer and I really think you should try that out! I know you are busy but one time every 2-3 weeks you should be able to do. Then there is the possibility of changing your hours...? Can you see if that is a possibility?

    And he needs to realize how much this is affecting you. I know you easily act tough and strong, but he needs to realize that in the end you dont want the stress of having to worry about taking care of both of you financially. He seriously needs to step up and be a man in that department. You need him to rely on... I would never be with someone that irresponsible, or at least I wouldnt be living with him. You either need to be financially independent or be able to trust him, you know? You should really talk about that seriously. He needs to grow up in that sense...

    This frustrates me. He needs to learn to be a man and take care of his bills... this is ridiculous. You pay your bills and thats all there is to it. Like... just no. Arg lol. Its too stressful to live any other way. Just because he doesnt feel the effects doesnt mean it shoudlnt matter. He has you to take care of now, and he needs to realize that as a responsibility if he truly cares about you and loves you.

  4. lol he's not as irresponsible as he sounds. :) there's just nothing he can do about it now. You have some really great ideas and I'm going to give you a call


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