Saturday, February 27, 2010

Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Comitteh!

It's a lazy Saturday, which means....kittens!

Ashlie! This one is yours!

I loooove orange cats. Cute!!



Monday, February 22, 2010

My Children

Scarlet, the baby mama.

Kinsey, our black lab and australian shepherd mix. This is
one of the VERY few moments when she's not throwing a tennis
ball to herself.

Lessa, daddy's little princess.

'nough said.

Desta, our lovely, inbred, dumb as a box of rocks pitt bull.



Paperwhite Narcissus?

I'm not sure what these flowers are, they grow wild in the bayou. While shooting the scarf in the previous post, I decided to take some artsy-fartsy photos. I had tons of fun!!!

It's all about composition! I like the photo above, I'm pretty sure that
I'm going to get it matted and framed and put it in my bedroom above my dresser.

I love all three of these! I know they look practically the same,
but they're kind of different!


New Scarf!

This is a little custom project I'm doing for Sarah Strickland (Barry's Brother's Wifie)

I love doing projects like this, they buy the yarn, I knit it, and then they buy it!

These photos are of the project about four hours in.

Yarn: Lion's Brand Homespun in #413 Marble, this yarn is really fantastic. The colors blend really well, they create big swathes of color versus the other kinds of yarn that you only get six stitches of one color and it looks choppy.

I like the second photo. :)



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Me!

Yesterday I RAN one mile! The whole thing! No walking! I did take a five second break at the 1/4 mark, leg was just about to crap up.

Lately I've been running a lot, not for long distances, just around work, around the house etc.

So I decided to get on our treadmill and see if I could run 1 mile. I put on the Fool's Gold soundtrack (the first song is fantastic for running!) since it reminds me of the movie (which is AWESOME! Kate, Matthew, comedy, history, romance and the flippin' beach! It can't get any better!)

I was done in 13 minutes. My all time best...uh...time. :)

I was very excited.

I immediately ate my pizza for lunch, came to work....and ate a slice of cake lol. So much for calorie burn, but it really made me feel strong! I've always WANTED to enjoy running and I'm finding that running is like yoga. The more you do yoga, and the better you get at it, the more you love it! Now that I know I can run 1 mile, I'm interested in running farther!

Today is my strength workout day (Yay Bikini Body!) but tomorrow I'm going to see if I can run 1.5 miles, not timed, just to see if I can do it. The Bikini Body Workout that I'm doing focuses on interval cardio, so I will have to fit the 1.5 miles into that. Should be fun!

On a different-yet-same note, I've been watching the Battlestar Galactica series. Holy cow, it's awesome!

There's this woman. Well, she's a cylon, but she is downright sexy.

She is stunning.

She is sexy. And she has little muscle definition.

After seeing how incredibly sensual and seductive this woman is, I have started re-evaluating what I think I want to look like.

I've always wanted clear muscle definition (see ab photo above) but now I'm thinking that maybe, I don't really need that to be sexy. I need muscle definition to look fit and active which is what I want to BE, but maybe not how I want to look.

I also want to BE sexy, but I also want to LOOK sexy. I want to look approachable, yet sexy, without having to be half naked. :) walking a tight line, I know.

Today, I'm wearing my hair down.

It's a start.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lance Bass

ok ok ok ok. I never thought I'd say this....Lance Bass is sexy. (I would put in a couple of naughty thoughts, but this is a PG-13 blog, even though 13 year olds know WAY more than they should.)

Holy's all I can say.

And my absolute favorite:




ps. I would like to put in a small disclaimer for the men (if any) that read this blog. I do not want to go home with him...I wouldn't even THINK about dating a man who looked like this. If I saw him on the street...I'd probably grab my mace. But HOT DAMN he is sexy!!!!

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