Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is this called?!?!

SPRING (not summer :)) is approaching and I plan on reinventing my look. Except...I don't know what to call said look. I went to the Victoria's Secret website and looked at their upcoming line and picked out what I like. My actual style sense hasn't changed...I'm just planning on actually wearing this stuff. I've always like it, but I've never had the guts to wear it.

So, what I need is a name for my style because I don't know what to call it. Is it Boho? Beach Sexy? Effin' Weird? I don't know!

I ADORE sundresses. They don't really look good on me
because I'm so flippin' short and the skirts
tend to be long. So, I must find short sundresses and
wedges. I'm giving in to the wedges craze.

The oh-so-wonderful tank top and jean
combination. I love it! Except when you
can see my love handles, which wont be a
problem this year. :)

I'm diggin' the short shorts and long
shirt. I might wear something like this to
the crawfish boil. Lots of eating will be happening
and this top is loose.

Like the top, long shorts don't look good on
short legs.

I love this top but I'm worried about neck strain.
Luckily, VS builds bras into their shirts. Good to go!

Again, love the shirt, the shorts are too long.

I really love anything this model wears. See bikini post.

Love yellow!

I really like this look, it's more for going out in
spring (kinda chilly) nights. I'm afraid that I'll
look like I'm being swallowed by the wrap.
I'm not tall and I don't have a long torso.

So, if you could tell me what my fashion style is I would appreciate it
because the people at the mall are not helpful if you don't have a style name. :)
And, obviously, I need a name so I can research.



  1. I would say beach boho for sure. Boho usually has the long skirts and things like you said as well as more patterns. So if you are shopping, I would go with beachy modified boho hehe. It seems like you are centered more on shirts anyway so when you look for those it should be easier. I wish I could wear my fashion day to day instead of scrubs... but it does at least save me money. Boy do I miss my heels though hehe.

  2. Right! I MISS high heels! My scrubs are jeans and a t shirt. I can't get out of them! And it is so flippin' easy to just wear it everywhere cause it's easy!

    But this year I say NO to jeans and a tshirt!

    Beachy Boho it is! Thank you!


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