Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

This year I VOW to spend more time at the beach! Barry doesn't like the beach so these past three years I have only been to the beach two times a year. That is unacceptable. For me, Galveston is the destination I went to as a child with my parents. One summer, my father was contracted to redo the landscaping for the Victorian Hotel, right on the beachfront. For three months my brother, mother and I went to the beach nearly every day (the hotel put my father up in a room for the length of the job, we tagged along lol). My mother often says that that summer was the best time she ever had. My brother, who is very pale, hated every moment of it lol. He was sunburnt, like the whole time. Poor guy!

I would LOVE to live in Galveston. There are definitely a couple of places on the island that are similar to Third Ward, which is unfortunate, but all in all it is a beautiful, historic town.

I cannot wait to walk the Strand and the beach and the Seawall. I cannot wait for flip flops, tight abs (hopefully mine!), lean legs, tanned skin, short shorts, "sun-tanned toes ticklin' the sand", tank tops, and in Kenny Chesney's words: Sun, Sand, and Freedom. Ah!

To aid in getting Barry to the ocean I've decided to learn to Stand-Up Paddleboard.

Barry is really big on things that challenge his balance so this will A) keep him out of the sand, which he abhors and B) keep him occupied so that I don't have to see the "can we leave, yet?" look on his face. :) Love you baby!

The rental place has the board available from between 2-8 hours at $45-$95. They also have lessons but I'm a big fan of figuring it out as I go. :)

Hopefully it will be easier than surfing, which is nonexistent in Galveston cause there are no waves. AND since you are propelled by your own exertion...more calorie burning!!!

So I'm super excited! This gives me a great opportunity to have fun at the beach and stay occupied. I've found that, unlike when I was a kid, I can't just sit on the beach. I need something to do and since I don't have kids of my own, I can't
just hang out. I need a vollyball net, paddleboard, etc.


Alas, this photo is not of me. Just thought you should know. :)

My digital camera was stolen out of my truck around three weeks ago which has given me an incentive to buy another! Woo! This time, I'm going for the waterproof variety!

And so, I introduce the Olympus Stylus 1030SW:

There are some serious cool things about this camera: shockproof, freezeproof, WATERPROOF, crushproof and dustproof! Can I ask for anything else? Well, I can ask for more megapixels but let's not get picky.

And, though it need not be said, I can't wait for tubing. :)



  1. Awww fun beach time!!! I literally have not been to the beach since Washington, and that is the Pacific Ocean lol which is a whole different animal. My sister and brother and I actually were climbing up a cliff wall hanging over the ocean and got stuck... scary but it was soo beautiful. I miss Puget Sound, the boardwalk, all the boats, and the ocassional trip to the beach out there too... Very different experience but one I loved. Hmmmm. I will come with you toos though!!! I want to enjoy the summer and build memories for sure so we have to plan some trips together eh?

  2. Wow! Cliffs + Ocean = Scary lol. I absolutely LOVE the beach, as you can see. Not many people really like it, including everyone I know. I need a beach buddy! You can be my beach buddy!!! :) It's definitely hot and sandy and it can be a bad experience (I got a headache last year because of the sun it was awful!)

    But I am very excited, you can totally come down and do the beach thing with me and I'll go up there and do the lake thing with you!

    And of course, there will be the Second Annual River Rat Expedition. :) I'm already researching, cause I'm a dork.

  3. lmao yay! Love it! Yeah Galveston def doesn't compare to the north, but it can be fun to me when I am chillin with me peeps tehe.


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