Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something to chew on...

Possibility for wedding hair style? I think so!

Carrie's style is much like my original thought (wedding dress picture). It's just not as messy and the barrette is off to the side. I would like very much to be sexy on my wedding day and I really like the disheveled look but let's be serious, the aisle is not a runway and it shouldn't be treated as such. To Do List:

1. Find dress . :)

2. Find barrette.

3. Take dress, make up artist, and Ashlie to a hair salon and try out both hairstyles. Take glamorous photos in the make up aisles (I get my hair done at Ulta :)) and see which one I like better.



  1. Ummm PLAN! lol. love the hair; i def get the whole sexy disheveled look but of course trying to keep ot together for the oh so important aisle walk and ceremony hehehe. Love!

  2. Yeah, while I really like the disheveled look, I am thinking it will look bad in the pictures. It will look like I stuck my finger in the toaster lol. So the curls will definitely be Carrie Underwood, it's just the decision between straight back top poof or off to the side. So many decisions! lol


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