Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venue Distress

So. Pissed. Off.

I can't find the Houston equivalent to Red Corral Ranch.

And I don't want to get married in a flippin' gazebo. Doesn't it ruin the outside feel of your wedding if you are INSIDE!

Hmm?! HMM!!??

So, I am thinking to do it here: Oakwind Bed and Breakfast.

I'm just concerned about the changing areas. I don't want all my bridesmaids crammed in a tiny room trying to do hair and makeup. I'll run away. I swear I will.

And their christmas lights suck. We will have to do something about that.

Reception area. I like the dance floor in the trees, except that I'm pretty sure it's right where I'm supposed to get married.

So, things to check out:

1. How many people will the place support.

2. What do the prep areas look like.

3. Double check that they do night weddings and how long can we stay.

*le sigh*



  1. I think, this is definitely a hit. I absolutely love the trees here! I agree with the Gazebo thing too lol, so lame. Getting these trees completely covered in lights would really hit the spot I think, especially with hanging lights over the dance floor. Bed and Breakfasts are so cute too hehe!!!

    The shadows from the trees also look really great wonderful.... what a great place for a summer wedding. Aw Im excited. If you want we can visit it together and take pictures if the logistical questions turn out well?

  2. Yes! I would love to go see it! I think you need an appointment but I don't think it costs money. I will check it out. Maybe go when you come down? Or save it for another trip? Either is fine. It's not like I'm getting married lol

    I can't wait to see u! Ee! Lol


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