Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi. My name is Maria and I'm addicted to planning. Thank you.

I think my title explains it all.

I've spent the last week telling Barry that "I'm so EXCITED!" Barry: "About what?" Me: SUMMMMMERRR!!!!! lol He tells me that it's like a kid saying that their excited because Christmas is coming this year. :)

So, I've looked at the past two years and evaluated myself and my planning.

Every year it's the same. During summer I'm so excited about fall and during the Jan-May part of the year I am SO excited about summer because let's face it, nothing happens in that part of the year except for Barry and Ash's birthday, the rodeo, and Howie's crawfish boil.


My excitement leads to me planning things. I've already begun researching what I need to take on my tubing trips...even though I did the same thing last year and I haven't been able to change anything on my list because I was so ridiculously prepared last year!

I'm planning my wedding. I'm not engaged.

I need to understand that planning is only HALF the fun and not ALL the fun :) and I need to understand (I'm like 95% there) that sometimes, when things don't go according to plan, it's ok. I'm having trouble with the not leaving on time, that's the last five percent.

I've decided that I need to research events happening in the January to May area because if I keep getting excited about summer, summer is going to get here and it's not going to be as exciting. It happens every year. I get so excited about summer and then it gets here and for either scheduling or financial reasons summer is not what I imagined it to be.

This does not mean I won't be writing about summer every week. :)

There is a bigger issue to all this, not living in the moment and all but I am not feeling sufficiently eloquent to have that conversation right now.

For my first "be excited about what's happening now" moment:

I'm so excited about: VALENTINE'S DAY!

I will be decorating my house with little hearts, I can update my kitchen chalkboard and I can clean my house (in preparation for summer lol I can't help it!) and I can start working on my garden! Woo!




  1. soooo, great post lol! i should post in response to your post haha lol. we def like to live more in the future than the moment thats for sure... its hard to not do that though when you seem to never have the money to live in the moment! its a hard balancing act. your cleaning and prep plans sound great though! and i never do anything for V day obviously so I never really think about what fun it can actually be... you should totally get some great fun lingerie, and yummy smelling candles, and make a great wonderful fancy meal, and wine and dine eachother, oh how fun. maybe get a romance novel out a week or two before for some inspiration eh? i need a man... lol i love you!

  2. lol you are going to make some man very very happy lol. I'm taking all of you ideas and using them as my own :D

    I agree, I like to live in the future. There is so much hope and promise! Right now is gritty and hard and we're poor! lol not so much poor, we just can't really go out and do anything. Which is why I'm so happy we splurged and bought the Wii! We play all the time!


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