Monday, January 25, 2010

I have Issues.

No really. issues.

I have a couple of problems. I'll go in order.

1. I'm Lazy.

This is pretty much self explanatory. I enjoy lounging, I enjoy pampering myself, I enjoy gorging myself on popcorn (no butter!) and reading a book for hours on end.

Hence, my weight has returned to 141.6.


This is a good problem to have. I understand. I'm playing the whole poor-princess card right now. I seriously want to lose weight. I weigh myself everyday, I look forward to it! (not heathy I know.) I really really want to get fit and lose weight. It is incredibly hard to better yourself when everyone around you is saying that you are fine!

My boyfriend loves the way I look. He thinks I'm sexy! (Thank god! I know it's a blessing)

My mom thinks I'm cute.

The guy in the grocery line asked me why I was buying whey protein!!!! Seriously!

"Why are you buying that nonsense? A little thing like you! You don't need to lose weight!"


I DO need to lose weight. I may be cute, but I want to be sexy and I don't feel sexy. I feel like a tub of lard. And, I lack the drive to overcome these compliments because I'm lazy. It's a vicious cycle. AND I'm a procrastinator. Procrastination does NOT work with weight loss. I cannot lose twenty pounds the week before we go tubing. I've tried. :)

I may regret saying this, but I understand where Heidi Montag is coming from.

I would like to say, I think she looked much better before. She doesn't even look like the same person! But if she is happy, well good for her. I do think that I will miss seeing the cute, bubbly face of Heidi. This new sexy temptress doesn't do it for me. (maybe I should take my own "advice"? Let me clarify real quick. I would like to be sexy, but I want to stay cute and I think that it is possible to be both. I would NOT like to be so sexy as to be unapproachable. I'm walkin' a thin line)

The whole world said she was sexy, but she still said that more could be done. I agree with her. I may the cutest thing in the parking lot (lol I'm a dork) but I see the love handles, I see my belly rolls when I put lotion on my legs. I'm fairly happy with my arms. I like my calves. I don't have cankles. Woo!

Things I would like to change:

1. Gut (duh)

2. Thighs. I would like them to be toned. I'm not asking to be a stick.

3. Back. This is a new one for me. I love my shoulders, they are toned without being TOO manly. But, (hehe, it IS by my butt) right above my buttocks are two nice love handles. The problem is that it makes my butt look like it starts three inches above where it actually starts and it goes down another three when one looks at my thighs. I have a 1.5' long butt lol.

4. And I would like to lose around twenty pounds.

I think that these items are not too much to ask for. I've come to the conclusion, that no one sees cellulite unless it's god-awful. I don't have too much cellulite so I'm good with it (finally) I would like to have a wonderful butt one day, that doesn't have dimples. But (hehe! I crack myself up! Ha! Crack! ok I'll stop lol) I'm ok with the cellulite I have.

I like my boobs, enough said. Although there is this odd little chicken pox scar that I would like to get rid of, but that is down the road. Only one that sees it is Barry, if he's good with it, I'm good with it.

Anyways, when I write these woe-is-me blogs, I usually end it with what I am going to do about my woes. I'm not doing that this time. One, I'm at work. Two, I feel the need to research and reestablish HOW I'm going to go about toning my body.

I am thinking that the lose-weight-quick approach is the only way I'm going to get this done. If I keep saying that I'm going to lose 1 lb. a week, it wont work. I've done that for two years.

My plan (I said I wasn't going to do this!!!) is to, I think, lose the weight quickly via the marathon training that I will be doing with my mom, and then proceed to get FIT through outdoor activities like hiking, volley ball, yard work, etc.

I would like to add a little accomplishment of mine before I stop. I can now, successfully, suck in my belly enough to see where I would like it to be. Before, when I sucked in my stomach, I was still chubby. :) Go me!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venue Distress

So. Pissed. Off.

I can't find the Houston equivalent to Red Corral Ranch.

And I don't want to get married in a flippin' gazebo. Doesn't it ruin the outside feel of your wedding if you are INSIDE!

Hmm?! HMM!!??

So, I am thinking to do it here: Oakwind Bed and Breakfast.

I'm just concerned about the changing areas. I don't want all my bridesmaids crammed in a tiny room trying to do hair and makeup. I'll run away. I swear I will.

And their christmas lights suck. We will have to do something about that.

Reception area. I like the dance floor in the trees, except that I'm pretty sure it's right where I'm supposed to get married.

So, things to check out:

1. How many people will the place support.

2. What do the prep areas look like.

3. Double check that they do night weddings and how long can we stay.

*le sigh*


Friday, January 15, 2010

I need a haircut.

This is not me, nor do I have red hair. Boo.

So I need a new haircut because my hair is driving me insane. I don't want anything fancy, I really just want something simple that I can blow dry straight and say Eff you volume!!!!!

I'm not bitter.

I'm hoping to grow my hair longer like Audrina Patridge's. I really like her simple hair, I hate it when she goes super curly but I like her beach waves and when she wears it straight.

I have to grow my hair out about six more inches to get her length. I was right about there when I cut it (because I'm an idiot) and I was just starting to like it.

Any thoughts?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is this called?!?!

SPRING (not summer :)) is approaching and I plan on reinventing my look. Except...I don't know what to call said look. I went to the Victoria's Secret website and looked at their upcoming line and picked out what I like. My actual style sense hasn't changed...I'm just planning on actually wearing this stuff. I've always like it, but I've never had the guts to wear it.

So, what I need is a name for my style because I don't know what to call it. Is it Boho? Beach Sexy? Effin' Weird? I don't know!

I ADORE sundresses. They don't really look good on me
because I'm so flippin' short and the skirts
tend to be long. So, I must find short sundresses and
wedges. I'm giving in to the wedges craze.

The oh-so-wonderful tank top and jean
combination. I love it! Except when you
can see my love handles, which wont be a
problem this year. :)

I'm diggin' the short shorts and long
shirt. I might wear something like this to
the crawfish boil. Lots of eating will be happening
and this top is loose.

Like the top, long shorts don't look good on
short legs.

I love this top but I'm worried about neck strain.
Luckily, VS builds bras into their shirts. Good to go!

Again, love the shirt, the shorts are too long.

I really love anything this model wears. See bikini post.

Love yellow!

I really like this look, it's more for going out in
spring (kinda chilly) nights. I'm afraid that I'll
look like I'm being swallowed by the wrap.
I'm not tall and I don't have a long torso.

So, if you could tell me what my fashion style is I would appreciate it
because the people at the mall are not helpful if you don't have a style name. :)
And, obviously, I need a name so I can research.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi. My name is Maria and I'm addicted to planning. Thank you.

I think my title explains it all.

I've spent the last week telling Barry that "I'm so EXCITED!" Barry: "About what?" Me: SUMMMMMERRR!!!!! lol He tells me that it's like a kid saying that their excited because Christmas is coming this year. :)

So, I've looked at the past two years and evaluated myself and my planning.

Every year it's the same. During summer I'm so excited about fall and during the Jan-May part of the year I am SO excited about summer because let's face it, nothing happens in that part of the year except for Barry and Ash's birthday, the rodeo, and Howie's crawfish boil.


My excitement leads to me planning things. I've already begun researching what I need to take on my tubing trips...even though I did the same thing last year and I haven't been able to change anything on my list because I was so ridiculously prepared last year!

I'm planning my wedding. I'm not engaged.

I need to understand that planning is only HALF the fun and not ALL the fun :) and I need to understand (I'm like 95% there) that sometimes, when things don't go according to plan, it's ok. I'm having trouble with the not leaving on time, that's the last five percent.

I've decided that I need to research events happening in the January to May area because if I keep getting excited about summer, summer is going to get here and it's not going to be as exciting. It happens every year. I get so excited about summer and then it gets here and for either scheduling or financial reasons summer is not what I imagined it to be.

This does not mean I won't be writing about summer every week. :)

There is a bigger issue to all this, not living in the moment and all but I am not feeling sufficiently eloquent to have that conversation right now.

For my first "be excited about what's happening now" moment:

I'm so excited about: VALENTINE'S DAY!

I will be decorating my house with little hearts, I can update my kitchen chalkboard and I can clean my house (in preparation for summer lol I can't help it!) and I can start working on my garden! Woo!



Sunday, January 10, 2010

Summertime Hopes and Dreams

This is what I plan on looking like by summer. Is it going to happen? Probably not. My boobs are bigger, my hips are bigger, my skeletal structure is bigger lol.

I plan on buying this bikini mostly because Barry says it's cute (i feel like a lecher, she looks so young!! Add ruffles to that cute little butt and I feel like a pedophile!) but also because it's underwire, so hopefully some of the stress will be put on my back rather than my neck. Neck stress causes headaches and then leaving the party early. Also, the top strap is removable so if I get some stress on my neck I can remove the strap for a little while.

Only 20-30 lbs. to go!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Summertime!

This year I VOW to spend more time at the beach! Barry doesn't like the beach so these past three years I have only been to the beach two times a year. That is unacceptable. For me, Galveston is the destination I went to as a child with my parents. One summer, my father was contracted to redo the landscaping for the Victorian Hotel, right on the beachfront. For three months my brother, mother and I went to the beach nearly every day (the hotel put my father up in a room for the length of the job, we tagged along lol). My mother often says that that summer was the best time she ever had. My brother, who is very pale, hated every moment of it lol. He was sunburnt, like the whole time. Poor guy!

I would LOVE to live in Galveston. There are definitely a couple of places on the island that are similar to Third Ward, which is unfortunate, but all in all it is a beautiful, historic town.

I cannot wait to walk the Strand and the beach and the Seawall. I cannot wait for flip flops, tight abs (hopefully mine!), lean legs, tanned skin, short shorts, "sun-tanned toes ticklin' the sand", tank tops, and in Kenny Chesney's words: Sun, Sand, and Freedom. Ah!

To aid in getting Barry to the ocean I've decided to learn to Stand-Up Paddleboard.

Barry is really big on things that challenge his balance so this will A) keep him out of the sand, which he abhors and B) keep him occupied so that I don't have to see the "can we leave, yet?" look on his face. :) Love you baby!

The rental place has the board available from between 2-8 hours at $45-$95. They also have lessons but I'm a big fan of figuring it out as I go. :)

Hopefully it will be easier than surfing, which is nonexistent in Galveston cause there are no waves. AND since you are propelled by your own exertion...more calorie burning!!!

So I'm super excited! This gives me a great opportunity to have fun at the beach and stay occupied. I've found that, unlike when I was a kid, I can't just sit on the beach. I need something to do and since I don't have kids of my own, I can't
just hang out. I need a vollyball net, paddleboard, etc.


Alas, this photo is not of me. Just thought you should know. :)

My digital camera was stolen out of my truck around three weeks ago which has given me an incentive to buy another! Woo! This time, I'm going for the waterproof variety!

And so, I introduce the Olympus Stylus 1030SW:

There are some serious cool things about this camera: shockproof, freezeproof, WATERPROOF, crushproof and dustproof! Can I ask for anything else? Well, I can ask for more megapixels but let's not get picky.

And, though it need not be said, I can't wait for tubing. :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something to chew on...

Possibility for wedding hair style? I think so!

Carrie's style is much like my original thought (wedding dress picture). It's just not as messy and the barrette is off to the side. I would like very much to be sexy on my wedding day and I really like the disheveled look but let's be serious, the aisle is not a runway and it shouldn't be treated as such. To Do List:

1. Find dress . :)

2. Find barrette.

3. Take dress, make up artist, and Ashlie to a hair salon and try out both hairstyles. Take glamorous photos in the make up aisles (I get my hair done at Ulta :)) and see which one I like better.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Broken Computer

This is what I would like to do with my mac:

This is the FIFTH TIME our mac laptop has just up and died. Motherboard: GONE!

And, like the unrepentant procrastinator I am, none of my pictures are backed up. Neither is any of my music.

So, my blog posts will be a while in coming, but the computer should be getting fixed at this very moment. Thank God Barry took it in because I would have thrown a fit like you have never seen before. Right in the middle of the zen mac store. It would have been fantastic.

One of my many New Year's Resolutions: (there will be a post later)

I will categorize my photos in a logical manner and I will do a back up every time I upload photos and music.

Much Love,


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