Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I must make this!!!!!!

This is my next project, it is too
freaking cute to pass up!

And, a friend-I-haven't-spoken-to-since-
she-is-pregnant-and-wants-a-gift is pregnant...
so I'm making her a gift. :)

Disclaimer: I really am happy for her, and I understand
the pregnancy tradition of inviting everyone you know
to your baby shower for the purpose of gaining a million gifts.
I plan on continuing that tradition. In fact,
when I am pregnant, I plan on taking it a step further
and inviting guys as well as girls to my baby shower! :D

I live for this stuff.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Items in Store!

I finally have new items in my Etsy Shop!

This beauty is knit with two different yarns. The red base is
your basic Lion Brand Jiffy in Mulberry and the silver fluffs are
Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash in Twilight.

It was a ton of fun to make although it took me forever.

Not that the actual knitting took that long, but I ran out of the silver
and I was determined to find some.

That was almost a year ago.

I finally conceded defeat and finished it off as is. It is still
around 60" long, so it is perfect for most people. I personally love
a super long scarf.

This baby is my pride and joy so far. It is my own pattern,
even if it is unoriginal. It is made from Spud and Chloe Outer
Super Bulky yarn. The yarn is a wool and organic cotton blend
so it is not the softest yarn around but it is super sturdy!

I'm so happy I finally uploaded something to my Etsy page.
It has been almost two months since I officially quit my job and
while it has been a blast knitting all day, I realized that I needed
to actually upload some stuff. :)

I'm still trying to figure out how my pricing is going to work.
These items are for sale though!

I might even do a Black Friday sale!!!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

#40 (Part 1): St. Arnold's Brewery Tour

I have lived in Houston my entire life,

I finally made it to the St. Arnold's Brewery after
24 years. :)

I love this man.

So, you may find yourself wondering about this St. Arnold person.

St. Arnold is the patron saint of beer. I can't
make this stuff up.

St. Arnold (formerly the Bishop of Metz) spent his life warning the peasants of the health hazards of drinking water. You may laugh, but at that time (think 620s) the sewer line and the drinking water were one in the same. However, the water used for beer was boiled and thus sanitized. So, in a way, he was right.

But what was his miracle, you ask?

St. Arnold died in Remiremont, France and his constituents from
Metz (where he preached about the evils of water) wanted his body back.
The church said okie-dokie.

His body was exhumed and the procession made their way to Metz.
They decided to seek shelter for the night in a tavern. They were
saddened to discover that there was only one mug of beer left in the tavern.
The procession ordered the one mug and passed it around to all the
people in the party.

The mug never ran dry.


I'm not sure of the story behind the St. Michael Jackson
beer, I guess I'll just have to go back and ask them.

I fell in love with the Texas Wheat beer, it was
light and flavorful without being bitter. I also found the
Lawnmower beer to be very refreshing. I think that
my biggest problem will be having too much of these beer
because they are freaking awesome!

All in all I had a fantastic time and I will
definitely be going there again.


This was pretty cool - it is the street right outside of the parking lot for the brewery. It is one of the few places in town where you can see the original cobblestone roads of Houston. :) I was very excited to see this little bit of history.

I think I actually squealed.

#48 - Ride a Rollercoaster

I finally made it up to Dallas to go visit Ashlie and we decided
to go to Six Flags since Astoworld doesn't exist anymore.

It's Ashlie! :D

This is the amazing ride we just had to go on. Unfortunately,
I accidentally stretched the photo when I took it. Shaky hands.

Ash loved the ride, I'm pretty sure I heard a giggle when
we were plummeting to our doom.

This is my reaction. Even though the photo was taken
BEFORE the ride, it's a pretty good indication of how
I looked after the ride.

It was awesome!

After a day of overpriced ice cream and single serve
cough medication we came back to Ash's house
and grilled! I have never grilled on my own so I was
no help whatsoever. But we figured it out and had an amazing
healthy dinner.


And in the morning we went shopping.

It was a wonderful weekend.


ps. If you decide to go to Six Flags 1) Get the season pass, it costs the same as a single day pass. 2) Wear a fanny pack. They don't allow you to leave your purse at the ride any longer. Now you have to pay a dollar at each ride to put your purse and other dangly bits in a locker. There may be all day lockers but we never saw any. In all, I think we spent around $7 on lockers alone. Wear a fanny pack and don't bring anything that wont fit in it. Also, you can buy the refillable drink bottles, but you will have to put them into a locker when you ride, so the dollar you save when you refill, is charged when you put the bottle in the locker. They have water fountains. Give up your Crack-a-Cola for a day.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Ever Baby Blanket!!!!

It's done. It's FINALLY DONE!

This is my first ever baby blanket, and only my second completed
crochet project. We do not speak of the first project.

It is for Barry's cousin Ariana who had a baby I don't even know
how long ago . Her baby colors are
pale yellow and navy blue, I was so lucky to find the right colors.

This particular blanket is 100% cotton which I would love to continue to
work with but I don't think people would be willing to pay the price
for the baby blanket. It is around 37" square and it took at least 12 balls
of yarn at $4 a pop. Plus the fact that it took me for-freaking-ever to make
(although I am getting faster).

I just don't think people are going to pay for a $100-$120 baby blanket.
Parents are too busy buying diapers and other necessary items.

But there are grandparents. hmm...

My solution for now is to offer the same blanket in two different
materials. The cotton blanket (for the g-parents to buy) and then
an acrylic blanket (which is just as soft, though much
cheaper) for the parents to buy.

I'm just happy to be finished with this project.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Response to Ashlie's Post

Birdcage veils....

I love love love them.

They come in many different sizes and shapes but I like the one below.

I don't like veils at all so I'm giving in to Ashlie
by having one at all, but my compromise is that
my veil with be itty-bitty tiny!

Now, its just about finding the right


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Rustic, Woodland Love

What started this nonsense:

My Etsy Treasury

*le sigh*

I may have changed my mind.

As much as I love my green and clean wedding,
there is something about this rustic, burgundy and cream

This also allows me to wear a light cream colored
dress and not look weird against my bridesmaids or the white
accents of my previous idea.

I love these colors, I love the idea of getting married
in the fall, I love that I can do this without including pumpkins.

And it would/could still take place at night. But I would
stay away from the "fairytale" or "magical" wedding theme.

I like it all, but I'm going to really think about all of this.

I think it is all very beautiful.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Front Page on Etsy!


My Treasury made it on to the front page of Etsy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Craziness!

I, HeritageKnitting, pledge to participate in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to the best of my abilities. I vow to check in every week, do my homework and support my fellow Holiday Boot Campers. I will read the weekly newsletters and blog posts, check in on the weekly forum thread, read the weekly blog post, check off the checklists and salute the mascot. I promise to share what I've learned with those who need it, support my fellow Etsy indiepreneurs and, most of all, have a positive and persistent attitude. I understand that together we can spread the word about our handmade and vintage goods, making this holiday season a more unique and meaningful one to gift givers and give-ees everywhere!

I've made the pledge, you guys better be ready for oodles (YES! OODLES!!!) of product.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Livingroom Decor

I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for the quality of the
photos. :) I refuse to use the auto setting on my camera
but I'm still playing around with the options.

Therefore...I get photos that kind of make sense,
but they are either too dark,
or too light,
or too dark in some place and too light in others
in the same photo.

I'll figure it out one day.


On to the real reason for this post, a few weekends ago
Ashlie and I went on a shopping spree. I'm talking about
twelve hours of pillows, curtains, bedding, paintings
and the list goes on. While at Garden Ridge, we spotted a
super cute, ceramic, bird embossed, vase. I loved it
and it was only $4. But I couldn't find a use for it. I thought
out my entire livingroom and I could NOT find a
place for it. So I walked away.

Last weekend I went again, to buy some more of the
awesome toile bins and Garden Ridge had the same
embossed vases, only now there were four different
kinds! And then inspiration hit and suddenly I had a
purpose for each vase. So excited!

That's the back story, here are the photos:

Too cute! I'm the kind of person who needs a place for
everything. I can't just put the remotes on the same spot
of the bookshelf every night, I must have a vase! Now,
every night before I go to bed, the remotes get put away!

Same song, second verse. When I watch movies, I bite
my nails. Well, not really bite, more like gnaw.
I can't help it.
So I said to myself, why not have a little vase that
can hold nail stuff?That way, instead of biting my
nails, I can do them and they'll be pretty!

Evil mail. It takes over the house. If I don't have
a spot for it, it ends up on the table, in the kitchen,
in the bedroom, on the washer, on top of the refrigerator,
IN the refrigerator.

Yeah. Not kidding.

This is what it looks like so far.

I hope to get new sofas soon, but it may be a while.

Barry has had a ton of work come up and he only gets the weekends off,
and then he gets booked on the weekends for other shoots
and suddenly I have no car or time with him.


On the upside, we're going tubing next weekend with the family!!!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Theresa: Baby Blankets!!

This particular blanket can be made in any dimension,
with just about any color combination.

I wont lie, I'm dying to make this.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Barry is coming home!

That bears repeating.



He has been gone for seven weeks now and I could be ready for him to be back home.

Also, with him comes the laptop where I store all my pictures.

SO! That means I will be blogging again about my lovely adventures. I
have much to talk about and very little pictures, but I'll try to make it



Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I Wore this Weekend

Thank you Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for this great idea!

I will be cataloging my weekend outfits to ensure that I don't spend my weekend in a hoodie and jeans. It's my way of being held accountable.

I refuse to show you what I wear during the week...it's
jeans and the company t shirt everyday. Most of the time
I wear the same jeans three or four days in a row, not really that exciting.

I went shopping on Saturday and spent way more than I had planned (curse you victoria secret and your awesome yet hideously overpriced $45 bras! Curse YOU!!!) Anyways, I went to Charlotte Rousse (thank you Ashlie for informing me that CR is NOT in fact an "old lady, school teacher" store) and American Eagle.

Top: Charlotte Rousse
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny Cropped Jeans
Shoes: Target

This should turn out to be a fun adventure. I picked up
some really cute sundresses that I can't wait to wear!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aisle Flowers

This is more a note to myself rather than a blog post, but seeing as I don't own a "Wedding Notebook" per-say...this will have to do.

While I really like this idea above, I have a train on my wedding
dress. I don't want to be at the alter and realize I've taken 73% of the flowers
with me.

This, I believe, is a much better idea. I like the flower

placement, I just hope guests don't kick them all over the place.

There will be a beating. :)

I also LOVE the hanging flower bunch but I think I'm going to go with

just your basic white daisy, (Hey! I like 'em!), with christmas lights, of course.

Basically, I want my wedding the be a blaze of soft lighting. It looks great in the

pictures too.

Just be sure to bring your bug spray, k? Thanks.


ps. My computer is being weird with the formatting of this post. Don't worry, it's pissing me off too lol

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hall Elementary Spring Fling Carnival

Last weekend I attended the Spring Fling Carnival for Hall Elementary.

It was kind of fun, I didn't sell any items but at the end of the day a lady came up to me and asked if I gave lessons.

I was like "Yeessss?"

I explained that I had never done such a thing but that I was willing to try, so we set it up!

I realize this is a crappy setup. :)
I was alone, with limited product, and limited stands.
I know it can be better.

My dishcloths!!!

All in all it could have been a better day, but I still had fun. I learned some things and now I have room to grow. Weekend knitting lessons here I come!!!


Soap Satchels!!!

I have a new product that I am extremely excited about:

The Soap Satchel!!!

You can thank Barry for the name. :)

The basic idea is that this item is a pouch,
you put some of your favorite bar soap in the pouch
add water
and scrub a dub dub!

These satchels are FANTASTIC for sensitive skin. They're made
with 100% cotton and they're super super soft. I've been using mine for
about a week now.

If you're looking for something to scrape the top
layer of your skin off for shaving...this isn't your thing. But
it is perfect for daily scrubbing.

The soap shown in the photos is tiny, these satchels
are made for your basic, full sized bar soaps.

Another really cool thing:

I made this up. Not the idea of putting bar soap in a pouch
but the pattern. It's all mine!!!

So Excited!!!


#51 Start a garden

I can't believe I forgot to put this in my list of things to do this summer!!

Start a Garden!!

Well, probably because I already have a garden, I should say: Maintain and Widen my Garden. :)

As spring is in full swing here in the South I have a couple of pictures!!

So I was pruning and this little beauty was a result of
that. I cut the long leaves off and so I got this wonderful swirly pattern.
This plant is the same kind as the photo below, this one
is just pre-floofed. That's a technical term.

My beautiful Don Juan roses!!! This is my third boom of the season,
but my first two were given to Mom. :)
They are a beautiful bush/vine combination with an
incredibly aromatic scent. I just love them!

And my second pride and joy!! This little guy is the beginning
of my garden this year and I already have a teeny tiny tomato!!!


There will be more to come soon as we get more money. I have this wonderful plan for my backyard...that I can't complete until we put our very expensive fence up. So I must make do but I still have a wonderful idea for a temporary vegetable garden.


Friday, March 12, 2010

New Product!

These sets of three dish/wash cloths are $12.00 (plus shipping). They're hand knit with 100% cotton yarn. The textured pattern helps with cleaning tough messes (or exfoliation!).

They measure 7"x7".

These make wonderful housewarming and baby shower gifts. They're also great for a hostess gift!

Long lasting and reusable, these dish cloths are eco-friendly and an easy way to go green! Stop using paper towels to get tough messes off your counter tops! These cloths are absorbent and super soft. They wont scratch anything, even china!

Machine wash delicate and lay flat to dry.

Many colors and combinations available!

Thanks for looking!!!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Bucket List

The title says it all.

1. Go Toobing. Duh!
2. Learn to Paddle surf? I think that's what it's called.

3. Go to the beach, early morning, with Kinsey, my black lab. The basic plan is to go early, walk the beach, play fetch, then come home for lunch.
4. Set up our hammock and actually enjoy it.
5. Go to a carnival.
6. Go to a cookoff. The Gibsons have a cookoff team.
7. Hang out by a pool.
8. Go to Howie's Crawfish Boil!!!
9. Swim in a lake. I really don't like lakes. Something about stagnant water just kills it for me. But I'm going to do it!!

10. Go Hiking.
11. Play a game of Frisbee Golf.
12. Take pictures of Fonde Park and add to Yelp.
13. Go to the movies. Movies have always been a summer thing for me. There's something about having sun burned skin and watching a movie in the cold and the dark.
14. Ok. This is going to sound stupid...and I can't find a picture of it. It's where you take a short surf board and you use it right where the water meets the shore on the beach. When the water recedes from a wave it leaves a small amount of water on the shore, you take the board, run, set it down (while running) and slide. That's the best way I can explain it. :)
15. Decorate the Seawall with Chalk.
16. Go to a sand castle building competition.
17. Wear a sundress.
18. Have people over for a game night.
19. Have a family-wide water balloon fight. hehehe.

20. Play volleyball on the beach.
21. Fly a kite.
22. Have a tye-dye party.
23. Go to Schlitterbahn!!!!
24. Go to the Mad Potter. It's a place in Houston that has pre-made pottery that you decorate with glaze, they fire it and you have a beautiful piece of pottery.
25. Play miniature golf.
26. Go to a Flea Market.
27. Go roller skating.
28. Go ATV riding.
29. Take an outdoor yoga class. This may be unavailable. It's like...105 degrees in the morning down here.

30. Go to a park and have fun!!! Slides!!! I want to find one with a see-saw.
31. Go canoeing/rafting.
32. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
33. Climb a tree.
34. Play paintball!!!!!
35. Go rock climbing
36. Go Zorbing!! I may not be able to do this, their nearest office is in Tennessee. Kinda far.

37. Play Twister!!!!
38. Slip and Slide. Need I say more?
39. Buy two pogo sticks and have a bounce-off.
40. Take a brewery tour. (Well, two really. St. Arnold's and Shiner)
41. Take a Twilight Bayou tour.
42. Go to a museum.
43. Go to the Miller Outdoor Theater.
44. Go to the ZOO!!!!!!
45. Play on a trampoline!
46. Karaoke!!!
47. Record a song.
49. Take a picture of the night sky.
50. Go to a reenactment.
51. Start a Garden
51A. Have a paint fight.
52. Let go of a floating lantern.
53. Go on a stargazing date.
54. Visit George Ranch Park and Observatory.
55. Get a small tattoo that means a lot.
56. Have a flat stomach/a hint of a six pack. Should be fun after the baby.
57. Oh yeah, have a baby.
58. And maybe before that baby I should get married. :)
-Be his Bride
-Wear a beautiful wedding dress.
59. Go to Vegas with my Bestie.

60. Let my hair get really long.
61. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years.
62. Be married to the same person for 50 years.
63. Throw a dart at a map and travel there.
64. Kiss under a mistletoe.
65. Receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter.
66. Have a walk in closet.
67. Make out with the hubby with Pop Rocks in my mouth. :)
68. Go to Disneyland.
69. Go to Disneyworld.

70. Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.
71. Spend an entire day watching Disney/Pixar movies
72. Build a blanket fort.
73. Attach a lock to a love bridge.
74. Sleep on a beach.
75. Experience Christmas in New York.
76. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.
77. Kiss under fire works.
78. Take cute kissing photos in a photo booth.
79. Countries/Cities to Visit:
-Paris, France
-Eat Pizza in Italy
-See the Great Pyramids
-Ride a camel in Egypt
-Drink coffee in seattle
-Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in seattle
-Eat a philly cheeses steak in Philadelphia
-Hold up the leaning tower of piza
-Write on the Before I die wall in New Orleans
-Float in the dead sea

80. Learn to surf.
81. Skydive
82. Jump off a waterfall
83. Scuba Dive
84. Kiss underwater
85. Rock Climb
86. Buy something on Rodeo Drive
87. Own a pair of super expensive high heels.
88. Own a beach/river house.
89. Get a group of people to donate blood with me.

90. Watch a meteor shower
91. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day
92. Go on a road trip
93. Build a treehouse
94. Learn how to play guitar
95. Swim with sharks
96. Swim with dolphins
97. Visit all 50 united states
98. Visit abbey road and recreate the Beatles cover
99. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

100. Attend a masquerade
101. Visit a Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand
102. Ride an elephant
103. Try dog sledding
104. See the northern lights
105. Be in a protest
106. Visit Ground Zero
107. Send a message in a bottle
108. Be a part of a flash mob
109. Ride in a taxi

110. Pet a giraffe
111. Attend a gay wedding
112. Ride every ride at Six Flags
113. Complete a Warrior Dash-like race.
114. Attend a TV taping.
115. Attend a Texans Football game.
116. Attend RenFest as a vendor
117. Be a Bridesmaid
118. Learn sign language
119. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Galveston and flash my boobs

120. Bungee Jump
121. Mud Wrestle
122. Set foot on all seven continents
123. Plant a tree
124. Do something illegal
125. Drive down route 66
126. Go on a safari
127. See a play on broadway
128. Visit the Houston Rodeo
129. Shoot a gun

130. Have 5,000 10,000 20,000 dollars in my savings account.
131. Host a halloween party
132. Go zip lining
133. Own a ranch
134. Learn how to skateboard
135. See a cirque du solie show
136. Attend the Kentucky Derby
137. Attend a dog race.
138. See a tornado
139. Have a natural birth

140. Ride in a helicopter
141. Go on a real camping trip with a tent and everything!
142. Own a pug.
143. Compete in an eating contest.
144. Take on a food challenge and win.
145. Drive a super expensive car.
146. Visit a wolf sanctuary.
147. Watch baby turtle hatch
148. Go whale watching
149. Go snow tubing - I'm not even going to touch skiing.

150. Find a four leaf clover
151. Have my items in a boutique
152. Go skinny dipping
153. Ride first class
154. Party all night...and stay awake
155. Run a marathon
156. Complete a triathlon
157. Successfully two step in a honky tonk
158. Donate my hair
159. Play messy paint twister

160. Chase the end of a rainbow
161. Make a snow angel
162. Go Parasailing
163. Make a quilt
164. Make homemade jam/can something
165. Make homemade butter
166. Catch fireflies in a mason jar
167. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
168. Write a letter to myself and open it in ten years
169. Do a nude photo shoot

170. Buy a house
171. Ride a rope into a lake
172. Stay at a bed and breakfast (I happen to think they're creepy)
173. Finish a whole tube of chapstick
174. Own something from Tiffany's
175. Spend money on something that I think is incredibly stupid. And not something funny stupid...something like a $30 cami from Lord and Taylor.
176. Tan on a nude/topless beach
177. Have a snowball fight
178. Use a fake name at Starbucks
179. Do a no h8 photo shoot with my pitt bull

180. Actually decorate my house with Christmas Lights
181. Own a muscle care
182. Spend the night somewhere haunted
183. Be debt free for at least a month.
184. Have an actual coconut drink on the beach
185. Breathe in helium and talk
186. Smash open my piggy bank when it gets full.
187. Make every single thing in a cookbook
188. Go on a roller skate date
189. Swim in every ocean

190. Go to a monster truck rally
191. Finish my Wreck This Journal
192. Touch an iceberg
193. Rent/Own a yacht. I'm not picky.
194. Keep one new year's resolution for an entire year
195. See the Houston Texans win a Super Bowl
196. Have someone famous wear one of my items.
197. Learn to pole dance
198. Own a full set of makeup brushes
199. Paint my dog's toenails

200. Shave my cat
201. Have a super soaker fight
202. Complete the gallon of milk challenge
203. Get high with Mom -she said yes!


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