Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Bedroom

I really. really. don't want to have to make my own upholstered headboard. Ashlie, you make it sound easy. It's NOT! I've been searching online for about three hours now, trying to find the perfect headboard for my bedroom. I haven't found one yet.

All this was brought on by me buying the lamps for my bedroom. Let me make this clear, I hate lamp buying. I'm not good at it. I work in a lighting industry but it is not by any means helpful in this manner. At work, I light for the camera, meaning, depending on ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, etc. the lighting will be different. If you have a slow shutter speed you need less light, so on, so forth. I'm not used to lighting for the human eye.

I have been putting this off for quite some time, and I finally made the plunge yesterday evening. My Grandfather Hahn gave me some money for Christmas (Thank you!) so I bought the lamps I was FOR SURE I would hate. I really have never cared for this glass look (even though it is everywhere in my wedding), it always seemed too manly for me. But, paired with the lamp shades shown, I like it. The lamps follow my whole bedroom. Masculine lines with a feminine feel. Mostly that means masculine lines with feminine texture, but these lamps have both masculine (base) and feminine (shade) lines. It worked out well.

My next big purchase is a headboard. The room looks really cheap without the headboard. I'm looking for the upholstered look, white fabric. I think the fabric will give the room a luxurious look. Right now it's headed for a plain, masculine look. I'm trying to put enough shabby chic into the room so that I'm happy, but still have enough masculinity in the room so that Barry can sleep at night. :)

My biggest problem is that if the item isn't labeled "Shabby Chic" I can't tell the difference between junk, and high decor junk. But, today I found The Beekeeper's Cottage and it has been an enormous help in finding shabby chic items. I will never buy something from this website ($97 for a neck roll pillow? Be serious, go buy one at walmart for three dollars and learn to sew.)
but it has been supremely helpful as far as inspiration. By the way, the Iron Crown Wall Hook? Four dollars at Hobby Lobby and you don't have to pay shipping.

Back to the headboard. I really like the curvature of this headboard but it is just too plain. I really want the headboard and bedding to add an element of luxuriousness to the bedroom. I want the bed to be the main attraction in the bedroom. When I walk in, I want my first reaction to be "I really want to roll around in the big fluffy comforter and the pile of pillows!" This would be a great reaction because I don't go into my bedroom all that often, so the only time I would really feel the urge to lay down would be at night.

So really I want the curvature of the above headboard mixed with the button (?) things on this headboard. That isn't too much is it!!

Much Love,


  1. sooo, I love this post hehe. Ok, so Im guessing you purchased these lamps at Target correct? Whats funny is I have the other glass lamp bases there for my living room hahaha. I actually think not only do these bring a masculine vibe (the clean lines) but still go with your shabby chic plan (the glass element with white is very feminine!!).

    Ok, so a headboard can be somewhat difficult... if you want to create a shape design at the top like you do. Mine I did not have to cut since I needed a more masculine line lol. Does your man have a plywood cutting tool? You could simply purchase a piece of plywood for 11.00 at home depot, and just have them cut it down to your bed width and maybe 6' or 7' feet for the height. Then just trace the design you want cut out at the top and take the cutter to it... Of course, thats if you have the tools. Otherwise just buy one lol!

    I definitely think the tufted headboard with the feminine lines will be perfect for your plan!! I know anthropologie has some on their website and just keep hunting! I spent like 180.00 on mine i believe for all the tools and fabric and batting so just try and get something like that?

  2. P.S. I love the cursive words painted on your wall! They look really great, and I think will compliment the headboard idea beautifully. (good height!)

  3. thank you! I was sure to put the words high so that I could get a medium height headboard in there.

    We have all the tools for the making of the headboard, I just don't want to do it. I know how much of a perfectionist I am and I wont be able to get matching curves on both sides of the headboard, which will lead to much frustration and me buying a headboard lol.

    I'm going to go check out anthropologie, I've heard good things about them but I've never checked them out.

  4. good idea lol. if it were significantly cheaper to make one then I would say do that, but its not lol. Go with perfection hehe!! Anthropology is a bit expensive, but if its on sale you might find just what you are looking for! Also, there are some great pastel thick picture frames at Marshalls that I saw that definitly reminded me of you...

  5. soooo, apparently they do not have them in stock anymore!!! It was about a year ago I guess that I was looking... maybe urban outfitters. Arg.


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