Friday, October 23, 2009

Outdoor Harvest Feast

I've just had this fantastic thought. I've always wanted to have a feast, an honest to goodness, twelve-foot-long-table-groaning-with-food feast. I was just lamenting on how our house doesn't really have a huge dining room and then I thought....why not have it outside? It's the one time of year that it is absolutely beautiful outside in Houston, Tx.

The Decor:

Obviously I would need a twelve foot long table lol. I would probably have Barry make a table that would break down, and it wouldn't have to be pretty because I would cover the top with a table cloth.

Obviously pumpkins would have to be everywhere, including on the table.

Buckets would count as coolers.

I'm going to have to think this through a lot more, but I definitely want this to become a yearly thing. A lot of people have Halloween parties, but you never really get a chance to have a harvest feast. I would like there to be dancing, games, etc. There will have to be apple cider and bobbing for apples! Caramel covered apples! The list goes on.

I want all items to be harvest related, so no coolers, no plastic plates and cups. Our back yard is rather large so there would be plenty of space for all of this.

What if it rains, you say? We have a large room in our house with a built in bar. It's begging to be made into an irish pub and that is our plan. Should it rain, we would move the table inside and do a more subdued event, but with plenty of the things to do. I just don't know what they are yet lol.



  1. Dude Maria, that is called thanksgiving lol! But having games and spending the whole day outside dancing and basically celebrating would be way better than the usual typically boring thanksgiving meal... That would be such a great way to celebrate halloween though too: fall bash in constumes or something! I can just see a huge rustic looking table all lathered in dishes and orange and everyone gathered around talking and half drunk lol. What fun!!!

  2. lol I know! But everyone will want to spend thanksgiving with their family, this even would be in early november. It can't be in early/late october because everyone has halloween parties.

  3. Aaaaaah! okay I see. So more like friends AND family can get together for this one. I like it! Those are way more fun to me anyway. We had three people at my last thanksgiving lol...


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