Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaking Awesome Wedding Idea!!


So...I was reading Sugar Plum Invitation's wedding blog and I saw this. Smores. Campfire. PERFECT FOR MY FLIPPIN' WEDDING! Can you see that I'm excited! lol I think it's a fantastic and ingenious idea. I'm stealing it.

Also a fantastic idea. But...I'm thinking an early spring night. It might be chilly. What would be ADULT sno cone maker. As in not Strawberry flavored...but Strawberry DAQUIRI flavored. Alcohol included. hehehe. And since the reception/best party of all time will be in a hotel lobby I wouldn't have to worry about people getting cold!

Ah! Excited!!!!



  1. hahaha so i actually saw the smores and thought it was such a great idea before your post lol! if only i were doing an outside camp fire or picnic thing... alas! hehe. it sounds like such a perfect idea for yours though!!! Now I thought you were wanting to do an outside evening night bash with barbecure picnic? Did that change? Tell me more?

    I absolutely love the adult snow cone idea too. I know usually when people cant afford full bar they do beer and wine and then a specialty beverage... yours could be the cones!!! Yum!

  2. Well the wedding and reception will be outside at the ranch place, so these ideas would still apply. I'm hesitant on doing barbecue. My family eats messy lol.

  3. lol nice! that makes sense lol; no messy relatives. They will already be drunk so we dont need to make it worse lol. ok good, aw yours is going to be such a fun festive event!!


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