Friday, October 23, 2009

Outdoor Harvest Feast

I've just had this fantastic thought. I've always wanted to have a feast, an honest to goodness, twelve-foot-long-table-groaning-with-food feast. I was just lamenting on how our house doesn't really have a huge dining room and then I thought....why not have it outside? It's the one time of year that it is absolutely beautiful outside in Houston, Tx.

The Decor:

Obviously I would need a twelve foot long table lol. I would probably have Barry make a table that would break down, and it wouldn't have to be pretty because I would cover the top with a table cloth.

Obviously pumpkins would have to be everywhere, including on the table.

Buckets would count as coolers.

I'm going to have to think this through a lot more, but I definitely want this to become a yearly thing. A lot of people have Halloween parties, but you never really get a chance to have a harvest feast. I would like there to be dancing, games, etc. There will have to be apple cider and bobbing for apples! Caramel covered apples! The list goes on.

I want all items to be harvest related, so no coolers, no plastic plates and cups. Our back yard is rather large so there would be plenty of space for all of this.

What if it rains, you say? We have a large room in our house with a built in bar. It's begging to be made into an irish pub and that is our plan. Should it rain, we would move the table inside and do a more subdued event, but with plenty of the things to do. I just don't know what they are yet lol.


Freaking Awesome Wedding Idea!!


So...I was reading Sugar Plum Invitation's wedding blog and I saw this. Smores. Campfire. PERFECT FOR MY FLIPPIN' WEDDING! Can you see that I'm excited! lol I think it's a fantastic and ingenious idea. I'm stealing it.

Also a fantastic idea. But...I'm thinking an early spring night. It might be chilly. What would be ADULT sno cone maker. As in not Strawberry flavored...but Strawberry DAQUIRI flavored. Alcohol included. hehehe. And since the reception/best party of all time will be in a hotel lobby I wouldn't have to worry about people getting cold!

Ah! Excited!!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crisp Wedding

It's beautiful!!!! *cry*

My beautiful, lovely, enchanting, slightly frilly wedding dress. It will be in all white. I love everything about this photo. I'm copying it completely! I love the wild hair, the subdued jewelry, sexy bust and waist and traditional bottom. LOVE IT!

While I have no real choice in the ring matter, I've made it VERY obvious that I love this ring. I love the setting and the curve of the ring holders.

My favorite flower...that doesn't grow anywhere in the south. *le sigh* It will be very expensive and at first I thought that I would use it everywhere but in the end better sense won. It will only be in the bouquet and maybe MAYBE in the guys' lapels. I'm still not sure.

The tulips wont be as crazy as this. They will be in square, clear vases with only about six or seven blooms. Very simple. I might put white Christmas lights around them, still not sure if that would be too much. I'm thinking it is.

Bridesmaids! I couldn't find what I wanted so I love the cut of the brown dress, the color will be a very light mint green (like the Lily of the Valley leaves) with a wide white sash under the bust. White shoes would be preferable.

The venue, Red Corral Ranch. It's between Houston and Austin and unfortunately they don't do full night parties. SO I'm thinking, have the wedding there, with dinner, the first dance, cake carving etc. and then move to a close by hotel and party till the sun comes up. That way no one will have to drive tipsy and we wont have to worry about moving the party in the middle of the night. Plus, free mint juleps. :) I figure it's a popular drink but not so easy on the stomach that everyone will be drinking it. I'm evil...I know.

Dinner tables will be set with white tablecloth (the chairs are white) and I haven't decided on the table settings.

The wedding itself will be at night. The circular area will be lit with large white paper lanterns in the trees. Once everyone is set and vows begun, the lights will dim. At the wedding vows, it will be mostly dark until the vows themselves are done but by the time the kissing comes around the lights will be up again. (eat your heart out photographer).

The Reception will be casual in that you can change into more comfortable slacks lol. I still want some dress up but you can change to a polo shirt and slacks or a more comfortable dress, as long as no one is wearing jeans and a t shirt. I will be jealous. It will be held at a nearby hotel.

This is only the beginning of the planning lol. I still need to find a cake (I have one in mind but I don't think it will work), invitations, save the dates, party ideas, party favors and Barry still hasn't asked me so that's a minor inconvenience that I will need to work on. :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Real Banana Tree!!!

So Barry and I went to Glick's Fabric Warehouse today to buy fabric for my Halloween cards (a later post to come). I hadn't called ahead to make sure they were open (I mean, it is SUNDAY and all...) so I was very surprised to come into their really small parking lot and find out they were open. We parked in the back and right before me...stood a real live banana tree. With real live bananas. CAMERA!!!!!

After we took the photos, we went to the store door...only to find that it was locked. We had missed the closing of the one minute. *sigh*

I will have to go back on Saturday (my only available day this next week) but maybe the flower will be open then. :)


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Snail! On My Skull?

I put out Halloween decorations on the 1st of October (I just couldn't wait any longer!) and tonight, while outside admiring my handiwork, I spotted a snail! On one of my skull totem poles!


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