Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

Tonight I was wistfully looking at my beautiful Christmas tree, dreading the coming days when I would be taking it down, when I had a fabulous idea: Why not write a blog about my ornaments! So, while not much writing is going to happen, here are some pictures!

and finally, a larger photo to see the big picture:

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I've enjoyed my tree.

Much Love,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Bedroom

I really. really. don't want to have to make my own upholstered headboard. Ashlie, you make it sound easy. It's NOT! I've been searching online for about three hours now, trying to find the perfect headboard for my bedroom. I haven't found one yet.

All this was brought on by me buying the lamps for my bedroom. Let me make this clear, I hate lamp buying. I'm not good at it. I work in a lighting industry but it is not by any means helpful in this manner. At work, I light for the camera, meaning, depending on ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, etc. the lighting will be different. If you have a slow shutter speed you need less light, so on, so forth. I'm not used to lighting for the human eye.

I have been putting this off for quite some time, and I finally made the plunge yesterday evening. My Grandfather Hahn gave me some money for Christmas (Thank you!) so I bought the lamps I was FOR SURE I would hate. I really have never cared for this glass look (even though it is everywhere in my wedding), it always seemed too manly for me. But, paired with the lamp shades shown, I like it. The lamps follow my whole bedroom. Masculine lines with a feminine feel. Mostly that means masculine lines with feminine texture, but these lamps have both masculine (base) and feminine (shade) lines. It worked out well.

My next big purchase is a headboard. The room looks really cheap without the headboard. I'm looking for the upholstered look, white fabric. I think the fabric will give the room a luxurious look. Right now it's headed for a plain, masculine look. I'm trying to put enough shabby chic into the room so that I'm happy, but still have enough masculinity in the room so that Barry can sleep at night. :)

My biggest problem is that if the item isn't labeled "Shabby Chic" I can't tell the difference between junk, and high decor junk. But, today I found The Beekeeper's Cottage and it has been an enormous help in finding shabby chic items. I will never buy something from this website ($97 for a neck roll pillow? Be serious, go buy one at walmart for three dollars and learn to sew.)
but it has been supremely helpful as far as inspiration. By the way, the Iron Crown Wall Hook? Four dollars at Hobby Lobby and you don't have to pay shipping.

Back to the headboard. I really like the curvature of this headboard but it is just too plain. I really want the headboard and bedding to add an element of luxuriousness to the bedroom. I want the bed to be the main attraction in the bedroom. When I walk in, I want my first reaction to be "I really want to roll around in the big fluffy comforter and the pile of pillows!" This would be a great reaction because I don't go into my bedroom all that often, so the only time I would really feel the urge to lay down would be at night.

So really I want the curvature of the above headboard mixed with the button (?) things on this headboard. That isn't too much is it!!

Much Love,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Cake

I am so desperate to get married it is ridiculous lol. Poor Barry, he has had to listen to me for the past two days. I would say poor Ashlie but she loves it. :)

So, as Barry has not yet popped the question I've decided to write a mini-(and I do mean MINI)blog on my wedding cake.

My wedding cake has been the source of great frustration for me. I had a cake in mind, but I just don't think that it will work. It was a mosaic piece, very beautiful but since it is mosaic it has a lot of hard lines and for my flow-y wedding, hard lines are a no-no.

So here it is: My Wedding Cake.

It will not be yellow, as much as I love the color. It will be a pale pale mint green, almost white. I really do like it and it has taken me a while to find it. I was really lucky that this was on the first two pages of TheKnot. Otherwise, I would have been totally overwhelmed and would have quit the search almost immediately. I hate it when I think I've found something perfect and it doesn't work out. I never want to look after that, it is like I found it, took it off my to-do list and it's done. To-Dones do not go back on the to-do list. It goes against physics...or something.

REGARDLESS, I actually skipped this twice. Notice: Twice, that's cause I went back to look at it. That should have been the "uh hello!" moment, but you know me. So I went back a third time and decided that I loved it. I love the almost fragile coloring. It's not overpowering but it does add a little pizzazz. I also like that the whole cake isn't one color.

I also love that it is not short and squatty. I'M short and squatty, I don't want my cake to be. So, it's a tall cake and thin, but not lanky lol. It's also well designed, without being overpowering. There is just enough creativity in it so that it doesn't look like we went to Kroger, but it's not so overpowering that it looks like a "statement" cake.

All in all, I really like it.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Le Sigh.

I've been a horrible blogger. It's been a month and I haven't posted anything. It's not because I'm busy, it's just that this last month I haven't wanted to DO anything. Barry and I are in the same rut we were in last year and it sucks I tell you!

Yesterday I went to Hall Elementary's First Annual Teacher Nutcracker Market. I was worried sick that I wouldn't have enough product, or that my prices were too high etc. Angie (Barry's cousin who planned the whole thing) gave me a good talking to and now I feel pretty good about the knitting company. I still only sold one item. My first item though! I can now officially say that I've sold something! The market was a really good learning experience though. I learned that I need business cards and sheets that tell you how to care for your scarf.

Barry told me that the biggest reason I didn't sell more was simply that there were not enough people there. The market was not open to the public and it's a small school to start with. There was around thirty booths, and I can fairly say that we maybe had that many teachers at the fair.

March 27th there is a Spring Fair at the same school but it's open to the public so maybe that will help. Unfortunately, by March all the cold weather is gone so people wont be thinking about buying winter clothing so I've decided to make aprons. They are really easy to make and I can get wild and crazy with them! That's my plan.

To top it all off, my camera was stolen out of our truck last night. Yeah. Thanks.

But, it's snowing today and while that means my arthritis is acting up, IT'S STILL FREAKING SNOWING! That never happens in Houston!

I'm going to go make a cup of tea and begin planning Dolce's doggie jacket!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Outdoor Harvest Feast

I've just had this fantastic thought. I've always wanted to have a feast, an honest to goodness, twelve-foot-long-table-groaning-with-food feast. I was just lamenting on how our house doesn't really have a huge dining room and then I thought....why not have it outside? It's the one time of year that it is absolutely beautiful outside in Houston, Tx.

The Decor:

Obviously I would need a twelve foot long table lol. I would probably have Barry make a table that would break down, and it wouldn't have to be pretty because I would cover the top with a table cloth.

Obviously pumpkins would have to be everywhere, including on the table.

Buckets would count as coolers.

I'm going to have to think this through a lot more, but I definitely want this to become a yearly thing. A lot of people have Halloween parties, but you never really get a chance to have a harvest feast. I would like there to be dancing, games, etc. There will have to be apple cider and bobbing for apples! Caramel covered apples! The list goes on.

I want all items to be harvest related, so no coolers, no plastic plates and cups. Our back yard is rather large so there would be plenty of space for all of this.

What if it rains, you say? We have a large room in our house with a built in bar. It's begging to be made into an irish pub and that is our plan. Should it rain, we would move the table inside and do a more subdued event, but with plenty of the things to do. I just don't know what they are yet lol.


Freaking Awesome Wedding Idea!!


So...I was reading Sugar Plum Invitation's wedding blog and I saw this. Smores. Campfire. PERFECT FOR MY FLIPPIN' WEDDING! Can you see that I'm excited! lol I think it's a fantastic and ingenious idea. I'm stealing it.

Also a fantastic idea. But...I'm thinking an early spring wedding...at night. It might be chilly. What would be cool....an ADULT sno cone maker. As in not Strawberry flavored...but Strawberry DAQUIRI flavored. Alcohol included. hehehe. And since the reception/best party of all time will be in a hotel lobby I wouldn't have to worry about people getting cold!

Ah! Excited!!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crisp Wedding

It's just...so beautiful!!!! *cry*

My beautiful, lovely, enchanting, slightly frilly wedding dress. It will be in all white. I love everything about this photo. I'm copying it completely! I love the wild hair, the subdued jewelry, sexy bust and waist and traditional bottom. LOVE IT!

While I have no real choice in the ring matter, I've made it VERY obvious that I love this ring. I love the setting and the curve of the ring holders.

My favorite flower...that doesn't grow anywhere in the south. *le sigh* It will be very expensive and at first I thought that I would use it everywhere but in the end better sense won. It will only be in the bouquet and maybe MAYBE in the guys' lapels. I'm still not sure.

The tulips wont be as crazy as this. They will be in square, clear vases with only about six or seven blooms. Very simple. I might put white Christmas lights around them, still not sure if that would be too much. I'm thinking it is.

Bridesmaids! I couldn't find what I wanted so I love the cut of the brown dress, the color will be a very light mint green (like the Lily of the Valley leaves) with a wide white sash under the bust. White shoes would be preferable.

The venue, Red Corral Ranch. It's between Houston and Austin and unfortunately they don't do full night parties. SO I'm thinking, have the wedding there, with dinner, the first dance, cake carving etc. and then move to a close by hotel and party till the sun comes up. That way no one will have to drive tipsy and we wont have to worry about moving the party in the middle of the night. Plus, free mint juleps. :) I figure it's a popular drink but not so easy on the stomach that everyone will be drinking it. I'm evil...I know.

Dinner tables will be set with white tablecloth (the chairs are white) and I haven't decided on the table settings.

The wedding itself will be at night. The circular area will be lit with large white paper lanterns in the trees. Once everyone is set and vows begun, the lights will dim. At the wedding vows, it will be mostly dark until the vows themselves are done but by the time the kissing comes around the lights will be up again. (eat your heart out photographer).

The Reception will be casual in that you can change into more comfortable slacks lol. I still want some dress up but you can change to a polo shirt and slacks or a more comfortable dress, as long as no one is wearing jeans and a t shirt. I will be jealous. It will be held at a nearby hotel.

This is only the beginning of the planning lol. I still need to find a cake (I have one in mind but I don't think it will work), invitations, save the dates, party ideas, party favors and Barry still hasn't asked me so that's a minor inconvenience that I will need to work on. :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Real Banana Tree!!!

So Barry and I went to Glick's Fabric Warehouse today to buy fabric for my Halloween cards (a later post to come). I hadn't called ahead to make sure they were open (I mean, it is SUNDAY and all...) so I was very surprised to come into their really small parking lot and find out they were open. We parked in the back and right before me...stood a real live banana tree. With real live bananas. CAMERA!!!!!

After we took the photos, we went to the store door...only to find that it was locked. We had missed the closing of the store...by one minute. *sigh*

I will have to go back on Saturday (my only available day this next week) but maybe the flower will be open then. :)


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Snail! On My Skull?

I put out Halloween decorations on the 1st of October (I just couldn't wait any longer!) and tonight, while outside admiring my handiwork, I spotted a snail! On one of my skull totem poles!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Enchilada Night!

Last night I decided to make enchiladas. It is normally an event reserved for weekends because it is sooo time consuming to roll each enchilada. But, for some reason, I felt it was necessary to make them on a Monday night...probably from boredom. Once I had all the ingredients I'd say it probably took me around an hour and thirty minutes to have everything ready.


There are notes to help you make this that may effect your shopping list.

Ingredients: (for two people)

2-Package of McCormick "Enchilada" seasoning (you find it in the aisle with all the gravy mixes)

2-8 oz. cans of tomato sauce

3-cups of water

1 1/2 - 2-lb. ground hamburger (I use ground turkey, much healthier and you can't taste the difference.)

16-(estimate, feel free to get more, its safer that way) corn or flour tortillas

2-cup of Shredded Cheese (I use more like 3 1/2...I like cheese)

(These are the instructions on the packet of Enchilada seasoning with my two cents shoved in)

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine the seasoning, tomato sauce, and water into a sauce pan. You want the sauce pan to be large enough that it will A) Hold all that water and sauce and B) be wide enough so you don't have to fold the tortilla later on. Heat the concoction until it boils, reduce heat and simmer for around five minutes then set aside for it to cool. DO NOT keep it on simmer. You'll burn your fingers later.

Brown the meat, once it is mostly finished be sure to break the large pieces into little pieces, it will help with the rolling later. If you are using hamburger, drain it after cooking. If you took my advice and used the turkey, there is no need to drain because there is simply not enough grease to drain. Put the meat into a large bowl and then add 1/2 of a cup of the seasoning concoction to the meat. Mix well.

The McCormick instructions say to heat tortillas according to the package instructions. I've had trouble finding these so-called "instructions" so I made up my own. Place about five tortillas in between two DAMP paper towels and microwave for around 25 seconds. The tortillas should be warm all the way through.

A note about tortillas and enchiladas... you have a choice to use either corn or flour. There are pros and cons to both. The corn tortillas give a more restaurant kind of feel but they tend to break when rolled. When I use corn tortillas I always end up with something like enchilada casserole. The enchiladas look fantastic in the pan, but when I scoop them out, they break apart. Flour tortillas are more of a home grown kind of feel and they don't break... usually.

So, once you have heated your five tortillas, grab about a foot of foil and lay it on the counter. No need to grease. Take a single tortilla, dip and hold it in the enchilada sauce for around ten seconds. This is where it gets time consuming. You must hold it in the sauce for around ten seconds. This softens the tortilla further so that rolling is easier. The holding time depends on brand of tortilla, so if ten seconds doesn't work for you try more or less time. The sauce should be warm, but not hot or you will burn your fingers.

Lay the tortilla on the foil and spoon 2-3 tablespoons of meat onto one side of the tortilla. The amount you spoon depends on the size of the tortilla and how full you want you enchiladas to be.

You can also make cheese enchiladas. Just skip the step about adding the sauce... or the meat.

Once you have spooned, loosely roll the tortilla from the filled side. Place into a pan with the seam side down. I would recommend putting foil down on your baking dish. It sucks trying to clean cheese off your pans once it has been baked on.

Keep doing this until you run out of tortillas, meat or sauce. Preferably not sauce -lol. Once you pan is full, pour the remaining sauce on the enchiladas, fling cheese on top and bake for around 15 minutes.

That's really all there is to it. Goes really well with red rice! I'll have to get that recipe from mom. I can't make rice to save my life.

I would recommend making this for lunch on a very uneventful weekend. Between the meaty cheesy goodness and the red rice...you'll want about thirty minutes to simply sit and digest.

It's meals like this that are the reason the Mexican culture includes naptime (they're called siestas).

Please let me know how it goes for you. Also, if you have questions or if I've forgotten some crucial step, comment and I'll fix the recipe. :)

Good luck and much love!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Snail! On My Pumpkin!

Fall is my favorite season, and it's FINALLY here. I am so ready for the crisp air and all the events (including my birthday woo!) that are coming up. Renfest here I come!!!

I went to my local HEB the other day and bought a pumpkin, I couldn't resist and they were on sale. Yesterday I found a snail on the pumpkin and I just had to take pictures.


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